New Images!

I’ve recently added an images link at the top! On this page I’ll upload any and all images of my finished 3D printed items. Right now I’ve recently uploaded a bunch of cookie cutters that I printed for a friend. Lots of fun to do, and scored me a bunch of cookies in the process!


Printed Liquid Gold!

This was a fun thing to try, but it was absolutely nerve-racking. Printed the entire “water” portion of this as one piece, and I strongly recommend that if you do this on your own you print it in parts and glue it all together.

Absolutely love the way it turned out, but I don’t believe this is one of the things I’ll be adding to the store as it just takes too long to print!

Want to print your own? Find it here ( and let’s see it!

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Follow my girlfriend and I as we embark on this journey to take something fun and turn it into something memorable.

Our goal is simple: Create quality products that people enjoy watching be built, all while having fun along the way (even when things don’t go as planned!)

If you’re interested in any of our designs, please reach out to us directly at as we’re willing to print whatever you would like and ship it wherever it’s needed, for a nominal fee of course.

So please, take a look around, but most importantly, enjoy yourself as we do the same!

If you would like to see more of our videos, please visit our channel here and just know that we’re constantly updating, trying new video angles, new cameras, and hoping to really refine our OctoLapse and post-production quality!

I kept coming across these on Thingiverse and finally decided it was time to print some myself ( These came out way better than I had imagined they could, really big fan of the white case with the purple insert. Thanks to for the music!